Hydrogène du Valais

Clean water and energy

from the Valais in your engine



H2Valais produces and distributes hydrogen for clean mobility in Valais and beyond




H2Valais works in collaboration with McPhy (France), ABB and GreenGT (Switzerland)



H2Valais helps you for the design, the installation and the maintenance of your hydrogen mobility infrastructure



H2Valais results from a long-standing partnership between GreenGT, manufacturer of fuel cell powertrains for racing cars and heavy duty trucks, and Electromobilis, the hydrogen mobility demonstrator from EPFL Valais in Martigny. In 2019, they jointly created H2Valais to build hydrogen mobility infrastructure in Switzerland.

Fuel cell vehicles are being developed by different manufacturers worldwide but very few demonstration models are on the road as yet. Goods delivery by fuel cell trucks will require the construction of hydrogen distribution systems for truck fleets. The roll-out of fuel cell trucks is a key success factor for hydrogen mobility, as the operation of one truck ensures the same throughput at a service station as 80 passenger vehicles.  

H2Valais aims to bring hydrogen mobility for goods to Switzerland and beyond, by developing and providing production-storage-distribution service stations for private fleets and for public usage


Clean mobility in Valais

and beyond.

Towards a carbon free Valais…


Rue des Dents du Midi 44

1868 Collombey



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